Spring is Awakening our Souls

07 April, 2022

Winter, which has offered us this time of rest, meditation and introspection, is slowly leaving us. Nature is waking up, the trees are blooming, all signs of the arrival of a new cycle.

This letter is an invitation to celebrate this moment and to share the new energy. All possibilities are open, dreams are coming alive. It is a time to open our hearts to new discoveries, new encounters, new projects… Let us leave behind what should no longer be and welcome the change with tenderness and kindness.

A time of colour, light and joy! In India, the spring equinox is celebrated during Holi, where everyone comes together for a day to honour this new beginning. Holi is a celebration of fertility and forgiveness, but also of the victory of light over darkness.There is a vibrant energy as women and men gather in the streets, in a rain of colours, filled with a common joy.

Soon everything is covered with a thick layer of colour. Each colour pigment has its symbolic value: red for joy and love, blue for vitality, green for harmony, orange for optimism. Let us use this time to fill our bodies, our hearts and our souls with colour, tenderness and light. Let us celebrate the treasures that life offers us and that we meet along the way.