07 October, 2023

Now that we are back from this long and beautiful summer, can we take a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty of Tourmalines?

Since the beginning of her story, Tourmalines are at the center of Céline’s attention in her creations. Whether is it for their inclusions or shades of colors, Tourmalines have something just not too precious and very delicate at the same time.

Because her fascination remains after a couple of decades, she continues to search and select the most beautiful and natural stones. Each stone carries a story within them, within their breath and energy. When you choose a gem, your story connects to it and its energy surrounds you. It creates this unique bond that is part of your own story.

Take that story and continue to write your journey. Choose the paths that make you grow and feel closer to yourself. We stand next to you to illmunate the way. Our story exists because you love these gems as much as we do.