Back to our Roots

16 November, 2022

Between the sound of the tuktuks, the warm humid air coming out of the street, the craftsmen’s concentration in the factory and the rough stones, time suddenly stops. Céline is back in her element.

It is in Jaipur, a little over a decade ago, that the essence of her brand was born. In this city sparkling with pink and possibilities, forms come to life and stones find their new shape. In each jewel lays the story of its creation and the energies of the hands that shaped them.

In the heart of Céline’s designs are Nature and the energies emanating from it. Stones are celebrated for their originality and differences, set with gold and diamonds, binding together decades of tradition.

The drawings, symbols and stones of each jewel slowly form the elements of a painting. Once you carry them, they come to life and their story continues. While thinking you are choosing your favorite, it is actually the stone that chooses you.

Whether it caresses your skin or is laying on your nightstand, your sparkling companion absorbs all your energies and stands by your side to perpetuate a story, your story. Close your eyes. Focus on your jewel. Can you feel all the power of its myth merging with your roots?