Life Witnesses

19 November, 2021

We all remember the first piece of jewellery that is so dear to us, a stone with a singular colour, a symbol, carrying a significant moment. A jewel is made of beautiful materials, but not only. It is the story of each person that is reflected in it, a unique meaning that we give, a secret, an engraved moment.

In each piece of jewellery that we create, our wish is to offer you all the benefits of precious materials and to spread through them a message of caring. We like to think that a jewel is more than that. It is a little more precious because it marks a moment in your life : a union, the arrival of a child, a personal achievement.

Your story becomes complete with our jewels and their meaning. Each one, carefully collected over the years, to express the person you are today.

Such as one of our Jellyfish Tourmaline earrings that you have chosen in your image : a sparkling and changing Watermelon stone!
Your organic and precious engagement ring, whispering to you at all times : ” I’m here, no matter what “. Your shimmering white sapphire star pendant, which you wear proudly around your neck, reminding you of the announcement of your first child.


And even your multi-emerald ring with its vivid greens, always on your middle finger. Symbolizing each member of your family, united and solid. Therefore, our greatest joy is that through our creations we weave along side you the bonds of those people who deeply matter. Charged with energy from the earth and now from the heart, our jewels become unique life witnesses, to be worn always close to you.