08 July, 2021

What could be more natural than to celebrate the sun in this sweet summer season, when nature shows us all its abundance and colours. It is the time of all possibilities, the earth is vibrating with new energy and we are being urged to go beyond frontiers, to let go and draw on the radiant warmth of the sun.

We celebrate this love for our precious star in a multitude of our creations, in the form of diamond encrustations on a medallion, in the engraved rays on exquisite rings, or in the pure simplicity of a majestic pendant that has become iconic.

The designer has created them with the aim of bringing light closer to us. On the finger or around the neck, the sun – which has always fascinated us – protects us from the darkness, guides us and brings us strength and clarity.

From dawn to dusk, the sun radiates its yellow light in subtly changing hues. Considered an active and strong colour, yellow is comforting and revitalising. In India, yellow is the colour of immortality and the divine, but also of the arts and knowledge.

In addition, it is also the colour of the solar plexus chakra, represented by a lotus with ten yellow petals above the belly. This energy centre is associated with the mental body and represents contact with the outside world. It allows the balance of thoughts and emotions, facilitating decision-making and self-love.

On the other hand, yellow is also the colour of gold in its natural state ; a metal we are so fond of. Playing on the contrast of matte and shiny, gold pays tribute to the aesthetics and unique stones in each of our creations. This precious metal with its unalterable brilliance, said to come from stars explosion, symbolizes spiritual wealth, power but is also considered as a precious ally against anxiety.

We are living in the sunniest days of the year; it is the opportunity to replenish your body (and your stones) to stock up on energy in order not to miss any during the winter months.

Take this time to offer your body, mind and jewels to the rays of the sun ; these will be filled with new energy. Practice perceiving yourself as one of the lights in the cosmos ; contemplate the glow that you radiate through your existence.

Explore this meditative moment as often as you like. Turning towards the light, is welcoming your own path.