It’s Mothers Day

29 April, 2022

Let’s take some time, a moment, to celebrate together the one who gives life. Our mothers, and the mother of all, Mother Nature.Mother’s Day is a tradition from Ancient Greece where the goddess Rhéa, mother of gods and goddess of fertility, but also goddess of abundance and vegetation, have celebrated.

This connection with Nature is directly linked to Celine Daoust’ creations. When imagining her collections, Céline draws her inspiration from the universe and its symbols; cosmos, protection, dream, earth. Her drawings pay tribute to the delicacy and shapes of Nature. The stones, selected with love, celebrate its vibrations, strength, fragility and the story that it tells.

Let’s honor the one who gives life by taking the time. Let’s observe our stones like we observe nature. Do you discover the imprints of their story? Do you feel the energy of the memory it embodies?

Each design of the universe is unique and carries a legacy. Let’s remember those who precede us and the link that unites us together. Let us cultivate our connection to Mother Nature.