Engagement rings

10 June, 2021

The engagement ring has evolved over the centuries. Originating in ancient Egypt, it was a simple ring carved in stone in the shape of a snake, symbolizing universal protection of living beings and the cosmos. The ring was exchanged between young lovers as a promise to protect each other eternally.

Three thousand years later, in the Middle Ages, the engagement ring was adorned with precious stones and diamonds to become the materialization of a solemn union and a pledge of family prestige. It was worn on the third finger of the left hand, the one from which a line was directly linked to the heart.

Today, the engagement ring has not lost its charm. Synonymous with good omens, it still represents a strong symbol for lovers : the concretization of an everlasting love and the promise of an eternal union.

Saying, “I do” with a singular ring that resembles you, that is the designer’s wish. Céline has designed them to reflect a relationship : unique, precious, but above all to convey, each in its own way, the same message announcing a sacred union.

The Celine Daoust engagement ring is the result of a subtle combination of tradition and modernity, playing with contrasting touches, colours and sometimes symbols, so precious to the designer. Each ring is composed of carefully selected gemstones, always mounted on a thin ring band and set with several diamonds in white or champagne colours. For more lightness and comfort, Celine Daoust offers many models to make each union shine in its own way.


White diamonds bring luminosity and timelessness. Elegant and delicate, they are easy to wear and to match with other jewels. Our favourites : the Eye ring, on which delicate diamonds set on the ring band complements a luminous central diamond. For additional sparkle, our Kate ring reveals two circles of diamonds encrusted on a gold plate.

Captured between three diamonds on both sides, the coloured central stone offers us its natural colour shades. The unique Protection ring is crowned with two diamond eyes. The central stone enhanced with a protective symbol, a figure that Céline is so fond of.


The wedding rings designed by Céline are to be delicate and elegant to beautifully match the engagement rings. Straight and thin or slightly curved, they crown and marry with Celine Daoust engagement rings. Create your own combination or simply go for elegance and simplicity.