Believe in yourself

08 September, 2021

To trust in one’s intuition and to radiate a protective energy, that is Céline’s wish through her collections. Céline creates jewellery that invites us to listen to ourselves, to rise above our limits and to feel encouraged to face the life’s adventures.

Wearing a jewel to open a window on oneself and on the external world is the message of Protection & Believes. It is therefore naturally that the designer is inspired by the powerful Indian religious symbol, the Eye of Anja, also known as the Eye of Truth or the Third Eye, to incorporate it into the heart of her collection.

In India, Anja’s eye symbolises the window of the soul and the world. It calls for seeing beyond the veil of illusions and bringing a third view to things, but also to oneself. Often surrounded by rays of sunlight, the Anja eye radiates positive energy and reveals the shadows of our inner and outer world to guide us towards universal truths.

Indian divinities are represented with this protective eye by a coloured dot on the forehead. This third eye also resides in the sixth chakra, blue in colour and is represented with two connected petals.


Céline’s Protection & Believes jewellery is filled with the energy of Anja’s eye.This sacred eye subtly constellates earrings, pendants and rings to protect you and inspire you every day.The designer has ingeniously designed them to offer pieces with an eye with celestial powers. A true benevolent companion, your jewel will be the link between your conscience and your instinct. Whether discreet in the form of a marquise-cut stone – subtly evoking its shape – or surrounded by diamonds like rays radiating its light.

More than a piece of jewellery, it will invite you to look beyond appearances. Wear it in your own way : against your chest, it will vibrate to your heartbeat ; in your ear, it will whisper confidence and intuition; or on your finger, it will help guide your actions.