Dream Maker

21 January, 2022

Fresh out of our dreams, eyes still fogged with sleep, the awakening is soft at the beginning of this January day. While the sun is already taking over its right, we still remember our dreams from the night. Why not bring them to life at dawn?

A new year is always exciting and charged with all the possibilities. While our wishes still echo in our minds, we can already see our dreams and hopes. We know that they are achievable. The Dream Maker Collection pays tribute to them.

Celine designs the jewellery in this collection as dream catchers. Woven from gold, pearled with diamonds and completed with twirling pendants, each piece captures the dreams of its wearer, keeping only the most benevolent ones.

Their finely open-worked patterns let the light dance in their heart and keep away the shadows that would get in your way. Delicate and protective, the Dream Maker is to be placed beside your bed. Like a true guardian of the evening, it will protect and preserve your most beautiful images of the night. In the morning, wear it next to your skin and it will help you stay connected throughout the day and bring them to life.


And even your multi-emerald ring with its vivid greens, always on your middle finger. Symbolizing each member of your family, united and solid. Therefore, our greatest joy is that through our creations we weave along side you the bonds of those people who deeply matter. Charged with energy from the earth and now from the heart, our jewels become unique life witnesses, to be worn always close to you.