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Blue Tourmaline Single Earring

Celine Daoust 14k light yellow gold single earring with blue tourmaline.

What we love about these stones is the story they tell by their shapes, colors and small inclusions. Celine daoust considers these inclusions as an essential element to the nature of the stone. The imperfections are celebrated.

Tourmaline, one of Céline’s favorite stones, has many spiritual and healing powers as well as magnetic and protective properties.
Blue tourmaline evokes tranquility and frees the mind to explore a higher level of consciousness.


.  Sold as single / unique piece
.  Earring is approx. 0,3 cm x 0,4 cm wide
.  Solid gold 14k — 585/1000
.  Ref 1335 50 10 — all our models are registered